Biology Professor Lends Expertise to Film Panel

Biology Professor Rebecca Roberts takes her expertise as a researcher on the effects of the chemical bisphenol-A to a panel at The Ambler Theater on April 12. Roberts’ research on the plastic BPA has looked at its effects on the human body when it is used in plastic baby bottles and other products.

After the showing of two films, the audience is asked to stay for an insightful panel discussion featuring Roberts, and Ann King-Musza, recycling specialist at Advanced Enviro Systems; Chris Kaasman, recycling coordinator for Montgomery County; and Sigi Koko, founder of Down to Earth Design and proud member of Plastic Bag Free Ambler.

The movies in The Pennypack Farm Sustainability Movie Series are at the Ambler Theater, 108 E.Butler Ave., Ambler, Pa., “Bag It” examines our society’s use and abuse of plastic, and its effects; “Ghana: Digital Dumping Ground,” presents a global investigation on the dumping and recycling of electronic waste. Screenings are at 7:30 p.m., following a sponsor expo, with the panel discussion at 9 p.m.