Moot Court Competition Finals Open to All

Come root for your favorite legal team! The Ursinus community is invited to the finals of the Moot Court competition Monday April 25 in Musser Auditorium of Pfahler Hall at 6 p.m.  Students interested in attending law school will find it particularly interesting.
This semester students in the Legal Writing and Legal Argument (Moot Court) class have been studying cases, preparing briefs and arguing the case of Manuel Ursinus v. The State of Texas. The case, based in part on a case heard by The Supreme Court of the United States, Medellin v. Texas, is a case that a constitutional law professor at Georgetown University has referred to as one having all of the elements of what is taught in Constitutional Law at the law school level. It involves the right of a foreign national to be advised of his right to contact the consulate of his native country upon his arrest in the United States. More broadly, it involves the enforceability of a decision of the International Court of Justice in the state courts of the United States and the President’s ability to enforce ratified treaties. Ursinus students have used sources as diverse as the Federalist Papers and the Guantanamo court case of Hamden v. Rumsfeld.

The semi-final competitions were held on April 19 and the following teams advanced to the Finals. For Ursinus, Holly Smith, 2013 and Katherine Lechleitner, 2012; for Texas Alaina Gaines, 2012  and Ronak Darji, 2013.

The finals will be judged by three practicing attorneys who are also Ursinus alumni, Susan Smolens, Robert Brant and Francis Correll. Brant and Correll are members of the Ursinus Board of Trustees.