Summer Fellow Accepted to International Conference

The 6th International Conference on Design Principles and Practices has accepted a proposal by senior Sam Snodgrass of Taylor, Pa., and his faculty mentor April Kontostathis, as a result of a Summer Fellows project, “Building a 3D Frame in Multiple Environments.” The conference will be at UCLA in January. The Design Conference is held annually in different locations around the world and addresses themes relating to current design, bringing together researchers, teachers and practitioners.

Snodgrass would be among the handful of undergraduate students presenting papers, indicates Dr. Kontostathis. “I think the dual focus of the proposal made it more interesting to the reviews,” she notes. “The compare/contrast between two well-known tools will be interesting to some members of the audience.  Others will be more interested in the game itself.”

The Summer Fellows Project used the programs Blender and 3D Studio to build a 3D game, and explored the advantages and disadvantage of the two programs. The game, a chess-based  role playing game, gives each piece special attacks and abilities that can be activated by the player. Instead of a piece being removed from the board, a player must defeat the other piece in battle in order to capture it. Snodgrass identified the best tools to use to complete the game, and will continue working on it as an honors research project in computer science. — W.G