Professor Named an Academic Fellow at Tel Aviv U.

Ursinus Professor of Philosophy and Humanities Carlin Romano has been named an Academic Fellow at Tel Aviv University with the support of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies in Washington, D.C. Prof. Romano, who was the first Eisenhower Fellow from the United States to Israel, will participate in an international seminar this summer with academics, diplomats and military officials from multiple countries on how democracies should respond to terrorism.

Last month, Prof. Romano conducted a public conversation on the stage of the Free Library of Philadelphia with noted political philosopher Francis Fukuyama (The End of History), about Fukuyama’s new book,The Origins of Political Order. Romano’s most recent published essays as Critic-at-Large of The Chronicle of Higher Education are “To Russia With Love” (3/27/11), about current Russian literature, and “Harold Bloom By the Numbers” (4/24/11), a critique of the Yale literary theorist.