Library Highlights Special Collections

Throughout this academic year the Myrin Library will be highlighting and showcasing our special collections.  Our first exhibit is located in the lobby of the Myrin Library, featuring objects, printed documents and photographs from the Ursinus College Archives, also known as the Ursinusiana Collection.

Included among many items in the exhibit are:

  • the class list (all 10 names!) from Minerva Weinberger’s freshman class of 1884

    Myrin Library Display Case with Ursinus Historical Artifacts

  • a field hockey stick signed by members of the team during a tour of Ireland in 2005
  • an Honors paper on the poetry of Rudyard Kipling written in 1905
  • an Ursinus flag that has flown at both the North and South poles
  • a wooden pipe from the Clark Memorial Organ
  • a photo of Curtis and Brodbeck dormitories before Wilkinson was constructed to connect them
  • sample covers from 80 years of the Ursinus Magazine
  • photographs of John H. A. Bomberger, UC’s first president, and Bobby Fong, UC’s current president.

The exhibit is available for viewing all hours that the Myrin Library is open and will run though the month of September. All are invited to stop by to view this exhibit celebrating Myrin Library’s special collections and showcasing Ursinus history!