New Lot and Walkway Lights Will Reduce Energy Use

The Ursinus College campus will be more sustainable by retrofitting 214 parking lot and walkway lights with a $120,645 grant from the Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority.


The clean-energy light project supplements a $41,514 investment in the LED. By replacing the existing metal halide and high-pressure sodium bulbs, the campus will reduce annual electricity costs by nearly $20,000.


“We are very pleased to receive this grant” said Director of Facilities Andy Feick, who worked on obtaining the grant with Environmental Studies chair Leah Joseph and Grants Coordinator Charlene Wysocki.  The West lot (Ninth Avenue) will receive new light pole heads first. “After that, we will move to retro-fitting the various campus walkway lights with high-efficiency LED retrofit kits,” Feick says. “The project will take about 18 months to complete with Ursinus electricians doing the work.”


The bulb conversions will also yield estimated annual emissions reductions of 170,000 pounds of carbon dioxide, 950 pounds of sulfur dioxide and 300 pounds of nitrous oxide. It is the only PEDA-funded project in Montgomery County, and among 13 in the state of Pennsylvania.


The LED, or light emitting diode, is acknowledged for lower energy consumption than traditional incandescent light sources.
Newspapers and television web sites all over the state carried the announcement from the PEDA.