President Fong Outlines Strategic Vision for Ursinus

President Bobby Fong addressed the Ursinus campus Tuesday and outlined his plan and strategic vision for the College. Faculty and staff filled Bomberger Auditorium to listen to Dr. Fong highlight priorities for the future, such as improvements in retention rates, a focus on academic strengths and a renewed engagement with alumni.

State of the College

Faculty and staff gathered in Bomberger Auditorium to hear Dr. Fong's "State of the College" address.

“Liberal education enables students to master different ways of knowing: creating knowledge in the sciences is different from creating meaning in literature,” said Dr. Fong. “It is insufficient in our College for a student only to learn a particular body of knowledge; the goal is to learn how to know. Moreover, liberal education forms the dispositions as well as the intellect. We aspire to teach students how to think critically and communicate effectively, but also to work cooperatively and act ethically.”

The new president congratulated the Ursinus community on the success of its distinctive qualities, including the CIE program, and spoke of the role of the arts as the College moves forward under his leadership. “A liberal arts education would provide the sense the arts are a universal inheritance that help to provide a moral center,” he said.

“While we will seek some new initiatives, much of our work is in better coordinating and highlighting what we already do well. We need to consolidate our gains and sharpen our sense of selves so as to enunciate the Ursinus difference,” said Dr. Fong.

Suzanne and Bobby Fong

Suzanne and Bobby Fong enjoy the staff picnic.

The address launches a series of informal conversations which will begin Sept. 1 in  Wismer Lower Lounge  during the lunch hour. The address was followed by a baseball-themed picnic, complete with hotdogs, Crackerjacks and perfect weather conditions. Dr. Fong, who has a passion for baseball, was presented with an Ursinus baseball cap and ball and staff members enjoyed a raffle that included Phillies tickets.

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