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Accomplishments by Ursinus College faculty members are noted regularly in “Faculty Good News.” This week, Dr. Roberts was interviewed by ABC News and testified in Harrisburg; Dr. Hemphill has been interviewed on her new book on siblings; Dr. Kieta’s poem has been published; Dr. Oboler has written a published article; Dr. Rice’s essay was accepted for publication; Dr. Scoville will present talks; and Dr. Yahdi reports on a conference he co-organized.

Susan Faust, Biology, was selected to present the 2011 Sanjeev Memorial Lecture at a University of Pennsylvania Biomedical Symposium. This 30-minute talk is awarded to one postdoctoral researcher per year and comes with a cash prize. The award is for excellence in scientific discovery, as well as an ability to communicate to a broad scientific audience. Dr. Faust will be presenting data that explores host/viral interactions following administration of the DNA delivery vehicle, adeno-associated virus, in murine models of liver gene transfer.

Dallett HemphillDallett Hemphill, History, has written a book, Siblings: Brothers and Sisters in American History which was published in July by Oxford University Press.  It was the subject of a panel discussion at the McNeil Center for Early American Studies at the University of Pennsylvania in July.  Hemphill was a guest on a segment of “Kids These Days,” on Alaska Public Radio, pertaining to siblings. In June she conducted two NEH-sponsored seminars for community college faculty on using Philadelphia to teach about immigration and industrialization in antebellum America.

M. Nzadi KeitaM. Nzadi Keita, English, has written a poem, “History,” which will be published in A Face to Meet the Faces: An Anthology of Contemporary Persona Poetry, Stacey Lynn Brown and Oscar de la Paz, editors, by the University of Akron Press next year. She also wrote the entry on Anna Murray Douglass that appears in The Frederick Douglass Encyclopedia, published by Greenwood Press.

Regina Smith Oboler, Anthropology and Sociology, had an article titled “Negotiating Gender Essentialism in Contemporary Paganism” published in The Pomegranate: International Journal of Pagan Studies.

Christian Rice, Philosophy, was notified that an article he wrote on human rights is being published in a collection of essays. The name of the volume is Religion and Public Policy:  Human Rights, Conflict, and Ethics.  It is a volume celebrating the scholarly contributions of Dr. David Little to the fields of ethics, religion, and human rights.  His essay in the volume is entitled, “The Core of Public Reason:  Freedom from Arbitrary Pain and Death.”

Rebecca RobertsRebecca Roberts, Biology, was interviewed on her research into the use of the chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) by ABC News and the article appears online. During the same week she provided testimony in Harrisburg, in front of the House Democratic Policy Committee about House Bill192, which is aimed at eliminating the use of BPA in baby bottles and other containers used by kids. State Rep. Larry Curry, D-Montgomery/Phila., requested the hearing and served as its co-chairman. Curry has introduced legislation (H.B. 192) that would ban BPA from baby products sold and manufactured in Pennsylvania.

Nicholas Scoville, Mathematics, has been invited to give colloquium talks at Gettysburg College, Swarthmore College, and Saint Joseph’s University. He will present a talk titled, “Graph Isomorphisms in Discrete Morse Theory” at Gettysburg College this Thurs. (Sept. 22);   at Swarthmore College on Oct. 18; and at Saint Joseph’s University on Nov. 15.

Mohammed Yahdi, Mathematics, co-organized the “International Conference on Mathematical Biology: Analysis and Control” held in Casablanca, June 20-24. The conference brought together close to 200 experts from over 30 countries to share research results about all aspects of mathematical biology in general and the use of optimal control theory in particular. The scientific program encompassed areas such as infectious diseases, epidemiology, virology and immunology, cancer modeling, cancer therapies, ecology, and system biology. The National Science Foundation, the International Mathematics Union, The Society of Mathematical Biology, London Mathematical Society, The Army Research Office (USA), and Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique et Technique (Morocco) all helped to support the conference.

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