Faculty Good News

A teaching set designer has a show opening on Broadway; an English professor presents at a conference; and a Biology faculty member is invited to speak by the EPA at a public health program.

Tobin Ost (Theater and Dance),  an adjunct who is currently teaching Intro to Design (and who designed the set for the Ursinus production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest last year), has two professional projects in the works. He designed sets and costumes for Bonnie and Clyde which opens on Broadway next month, and is bringing his class to a rehearsal. He also designed Newsies, a Disney production that is currently playing at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Milburn, N.J. Newsies, which was well-reviewed,  is a show that is also Broadway-bound.

Patricia Schroder (English) presented a paper titled “The Devil’s Bargain: Sexuality, Power, and the Media in Robert Earl Price’s Come on in My Kitchen,” at the  Celebration of African American Literature Conference at the Pennsylvania State University in September.

Rebecca Roberts (Biology) has been invited by the Environmental Protection Agency to speak at the Beyond Translation meeting titled “Healthy Communities through a Healthy Environment”.  She will speak about the exposure of people of color, especially those living in inner cities, to the compound bisphenol A at the session on Public Health and Environmental Issues for Sensitive Populations. The meeting is being held at Drexel University Nov. 2.