Faculty Good News

An East Asian Studies expert leads a graduate colloquium in Beijing; a Biology Professor is interviewed for a health web site on BPA; and a Media and Communications Studies faculty member is directing a feature-length film.

Hugh Clark
Hugh Clark (History, East Asian Studies) led a graduate student colloquium at Beijing University on Oct. 19 on his recent work, “China’s Civilizing Mission and the Historiographical Context.”  This fall semester Professor Clark is in residence in Beijing with the Ursinus in Beijing semester.

Liz HoLiz Ho (English) presented a paper, “The Trace in Neo-Victorian Graphic Narratives,” at the “New Critical Perspectives on the Trace in Contemporary Literature” Conference hosted by the University of Malaga in Spain, Oct.20-22.

Rebecca Roberts
Rebecca Roberts (Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) was interviewed by EverydayHealth.com for an article to coincide with release of some new findings about BPA exposure. 

Jeremy Waltman (Media and Communications Studies) is the director and writer of a feature length, narrative, independent film, Locomotive, being filmed in Brooklyn, N.Y.  Playwright Adam Lucas is co-writer and producer. Waltman is an educator and artist whose work includes drawing, painting, sculpture, film concept art, graphic novel, and new media. Read more about Locomotive here.