UC Students Attend National Conference

Four Ursinus students were among the over 700 students from around the world to attend the National Center for Student Leadership Fall 2011 Conference held November 3-6 in Miami, Florida. Zeba Hussaini, sophomore, and John Dao, junior, were selected to attend for their involvement in the UC Ambassador program. Branden Irving, sophomore, and Lauren DiCairano, junior, attended as representatives of USGA.


The theme of the NCSL Fall 2011 Conference was “Uncover Your Leadership”. Attendees had the opportunity to work with keynote speakers, network, and participate in breakout sessions to discover their strengths, areas where they need a little bit more help, and where their true passions really lie. They learned how to be not just an effective leader, but a great one. It was an incredible four days of learning, networking and uncovering the kind of leader you want to be.