2012 Summer Fellows Symposium

Ursinus Summer Fellows decided to forgo traditional hot-weather activities in favor of concentrated one-on-one research with faculty mentors, and offered a look at their projects on July 20.

Kelsey Singleton 2013 examined the issue of posthumous rights and what—if anything—happens when a person’s dying wishes for his/her body or possessions are not met.  Alyssa Caffarelli 2013 was able to immerse herself in the questions of body image, body objectification and eating problems in young adult dancers. Other students studied whether Hip-Hop is dead, the power of experiential art, a sociological analysis of farm sanctuaries, Faulkner’s narrative style and continuing molecular biology and biochemistry lab investigations.

Many will continue their research during the year as honors research and some projects are continued through grants for several years.  Participation in the program is competitive, as students developed, wrote and submitted research proposals and budgets that were reviewed and selected by an interdisciplinary faculty panel.  Starting with a pilot program for 10 students in 1996, Ursinus Summer Fellows has grown to include 80 students and mentors from almost every discipline, and has gained support from the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, Howard Hughes Medical Institute and growing numbers of generous alumni and friends of the college listed in the program booklet.

The opportunity for students to live and work together as a community of scholars is one that makes Ursinus College special, and is part of the long tradition of student-faculty collaborative research on the Ursinus campus.

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