EcoReps Teach Fellow Students About Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability’s EcoReps program, an initiative spearheaded by Deirdre MacFeeters 2013, is in its pilot year here at Ursinus. The program is designed to encourage environmental awareness and sustainability on campus through student involvement and connection. This year, we have six student volunteers who completed the application process in the spring and have been working to raise awareness about sustainability on campus this fall.

EcoRepsEach EcoRep is assigned to a different residence hall or group of Main Street houses, and is responsible for addressing any sustainability-related questions or concerns that the residents have about green efforts on campus. EcoReps also organize various sustainability events throughout the year for their residence halls. The current residence halls/houses with EcoReps are:
New Hall – Carrie Putscher 2015
BPS – Brooke Umberger 2013 and Rebecca Fong 2015
BWC – Jessica Neuman 2013
944/942 Main Street – Kayleigh Weaver 2014
Musser/32 6th Avenue – Julia Westermeier 2013

Several of our Reps have held their sustainability events so far this fall: Brooke Umberger, (EcoRep for BPS), held a seed planting event. She encouraged her residents to be creative with recycling by using various items as containers for planting the seeds. The event was a big hit, with 15 students reusing everything from soda cans to pots made of newspaper, and planting seeds for alyssum, cosmos, marigolds, and zinnias. Carrie Putscher (EcoRep for New Hall) held an event called “Sustainability Jeopardy,” where residents were invited to answer various environmental and sustainability questions to earn points, with the winner of each round earning a prize. Kayleigh Weaver (EcoRep for 942/944 Main Street) held a night hike in Hunsberger Woods. Other events planned for this semester include a sustainability pledge-signing event, and a clothing exchange, so keep an eye out for more information!

Our EcoReps also participate in campus-wide events. Over the Homecoming weekend, they teamed up with Alumni Affairs and UCARE to swap out old T-shirts for new Ursinus shirts. The Reps will be delivering the used T-shirts to a shelter to help the homeless. They’ll be participating in Earth Week events and will be sending out sustainability tips through various campus venues. Keep your eyes open for the EcoReps symbol!

We will be recruiting more EcoReps for the spring semester this year in November. If you are interested, please contact us at: (sorry, seniors are not eligible for these positions).

To learn more about the EcoReps program, email us at