Sustainable Move-In 2012 a Huge Success!

This year’s Sustainable Move-In effort during first year and upper-class Move-In focused on cardboard. This effort was sponsored by the Office of Sustainability and organized by our Facilities Services Department. It was spearheaded by UCGreen Fellow Carrie Putscher.

Sustainable Move-InA multitude of volunteers collected, carried, and flattened cardboard. Some even climbed into dumpsters to compress the cardboard. This helped to divert over three full dumpsters of flattened cardboard from the landfill during first year Move-In day alone, and three additional partial dumpsters a few days later during upper-class Move-In.

Without the energies of our wonderful volunteers, as well as the tireless efforts of the outstanding Facilities Services staff, all of this cardboard would have been headed to the landfill! Instead it will be recycled into other products and then reused.

Volunteers came from many different organizations to help out during both days. We had UCGreen Fellows, EcoReps, UC Ambassadors, Bonner Leaders, sports team members, and more. Many thanks everyone who helped to facilitate student involvement. We are especially grateful to Student Activities and the Bonner Leadership Program.

At one point, we had more than 30 volunteers removing boxes from the residence halls, helping parents and students break down boxes, and getting them into the dumpsters. These volunteers gave up precious time helping out with a great cause, and we couldn’t have done it without them. Thank you so much to everyone who helped!

Would you like to be a part of this and continue to help out? Please recycle all cardboard, CLEAN plastics (labeled #1-#7), aluminum, glass and paper in the green recycling bins across campus. Yep – you can throw it all in there together (but please rinse out dirty containers…food contaminates our recycling). We have single stream recycling everywhere on campus! Are you interested in learning more?

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