Students, Grads Presenting at Annual Conference at Ursinus

The Pennsylvania Communication Association’s 73rd Annual Conference will be held Oct. 12 and Oct. 13 at Ursinus College. Faculty scholars, graduate students and undergraduates will be presenting and discussing their research at the conference.

Student presenters will include:

Liana Altieri 2103, poster titled: Documenting the Evolution of Cross-Sex Communication by Testing Fishman’s Theories in Interaction: The Work Women Do;

Rosemary Clark 2013, paper titled: Talking to Men Thirty Years Later: Testing the Relevancy of Fishman and Feminism;

Allison Nichols 2013, poster titled: Women’s Speech: An Empowerment or a Disability;

Epiphany Summers 2014, paper titled: Gender and Race: A reexamination of Fishman’s Theory on the Distribution of Work in Cross-Sex Interaction.

Graduates presenting are:

Shavonn Smith 2012: paper titled: A Qualitative Exploration of the Communicative Experiences of First-year Minority Students at a Predominantly White Institution;

Nick Hanford 2011, paper titled Piecing Together Identity: The Data Machine and Fragmented Simulacra of Unconscious, Online Identities.

Associate Professor of Media and Communication Studies Sheryl Goodman is vice president and conference planner for the PCA.