High School Students Get Comfortable with Natural Sciences

Students from the Women in Natural Sciences Program at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia toured campus this week.

The Academy of Natural Sciences program visit

Ursinus students Lily “Ellen” Kehoe (left) and Chelsea Miller (center) guide students visiting with program of The Academy of Natural Sciences.

They were sophomores, juniors and seniors from many different high schools in Philadelphia. The program is based on encouraging young women to pursue study in the natural sciences, says Biology Professor Kate Goddard who hosted the group. The students have visited many colleges, but this was the first time that they were able to attend classes. They participated in Goddard’s virology class and Biology Professor Dale Cameron’s introductory biology class.

The students are involved in research and outdoor activities in the summer to get accustomed to the natural sciences, says Goddard. “Some want to go into vet school, medical school, and other disciplines,” she says. On Monday, the girls had lunch with students who brought and discussed their research posters. Later they took a tour of Thomas Hall.