Study Abroad Announces Photo Contest Winners

The Center of International Studies held their annual Study Abroad Photo Contest last week. Over 90 photos were submitted and three winners were awarded on Thursday during a reception in Myrin Library. Thank you to all who shared their overseas experiences with the entire Ursinus community. The winners are:

Kristen Mareno

  • Kristen Mareno: Juried Award for a “Gondola Ride in Venice” (Italy). Kristen studied abroad in UK Fall 2011.
  • Chris Polster 2012: Student´s Choice Award for “Livin´on the Edge” (Sydney, Australia). Chris studied abroad in Australia Spring 2011. (Chris and Mike Alfieri on the rocks between Coogee and Bondi Beach)
  • Sarah Dougherty: Center for International Programs Award for “Cast Iron Color”. She studied abroad in Ireland Fall 2010. (This photo was taken for a hill overlooking the city of Cork)

Chris Polster

Sarah Dougherty

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