Ursinus Senior Earns Communicator Award

Rosemary Clark 2013 was awarded The Voices of Tomorrow College Communicator of the Year Award at the Awards Banquet of the Pennsylvania Communication Association’s 73rd Annual Conference held at Ursinus Oct. 12 and 13.

Rosemary Clark

Rosemary Clark (left) with professor Sheryl Goodmanat the PCA Awards Banquet.

This award recognizes excellent communicators at the college levell. It is presented to a Pennsylvania college student who excels in curricular and extracurricular communication (including speech or media) work, who uses communication skills in a service capacity, and who demonstrates promise of future leadership through communication. The annual conference brought together scholars, graduate students and undergraduates who presented and discussed their research. Ursinus Associate Professor of Media and Communication Studies Sheryl Goodman is vice president and conference planner for the organization.