BCMB/Dance Major Earns Spot at CUR Poster Session

Katie Greco, a senior Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and Dance double major, was selected to present at the Council on Undergraduate Research Posters on the Hill April 24. She will present the research she has done with Associate Chemistry Professor Mark Ellison, and their collaborators at Bryn Mawr College. Theirs was one of 74 posters selected from 850 applications to the selective showcase of undergraduate research on Capitol Hill attended by members of Congress. Katie was featured in a story here in November, 2011, exemplifying one of the many students who double major, especially in seemingly different majors. Excerpts from that story follow:

“Greco grew up trying to emulate the ballet she learned from a small group of teachers. “It wasn’t really until I came to Ursinus that I learned about other types of dance and appreciated the relationship between dance and history,” she says. “I’ve come to respect dancers and choreographers who make a statement with their work. We have opportunities to work with lots of guest artists here, so I try to take something new away from each choreographer.”

. . .  “I really believe that both science and dance are forms of art,” says Greco. “Students of each need a sound foundation with the fundamentals before moving onto creative endeavors. Just as there is scientific research, there is also movement research; in dance, it’s called improvisation. Usually there is more of a structure to scientific research, and usually dance is more creative, but I’ve found that this distinction isn’t always true.”

. . . “I came to Ursinus so that I could combine these two majors,” says Greco. “I have been dancing since I was very young, but I had been interested in science since middle school. During my college search, I realized that Ursinus was probably the only school where I would be able to pursue this combined major and I couldn’t pass up such a unique opportunity.”