New Math Professor Accepted to Math Research Communities

Kevin McGown, new faculty in the Mathematics and Computer Science Department, has been accepted to the Mathematics Research Communities (MRC), a program of the American Mathematical Society (AMS) and supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation. MRC nurtures early-career mathematicians and provides them with opportunities to build social and collaborative networks to inspire and sustain each other in their work.

The structured program is designed to engage and guide all participants as they start their careers. For each topic, the program includes a one-week summer conference, a special session at the national meeting, a discussion network, ongoing mentoring, and a longitudinal study of early career mathematicians.  McGown is supported with expenses to the summer conference, and will be partially supported for his participation in the Joint Mathematics Meetings which follow in January 2013. More information is at

McGown comes to Ursinus from a postdoctoral fellowship at Oregon State University.  His main area of research is number theory.  His bachelor’s and master’s degrees are from Oregon State, and his Ph.D. in Mathematics was earned at the University of California, San Diego.