Professor Principe is Education Editor of ETVOL

Gabrielle Principe, associate professor and chair of the psychology department, has been invited to serve as the education editor for an online general interest magazine, Evolution: This View of Life (ETVOL), which is jointly supported by EvoS and the Evolution Institute.  The goal of ETVOL, the only popular science outlet staffed mostly by professional scientists, is to expand evolutionary thinking beyond the biological sciences for higher education and public policy formulation, respectively.  It  serves as an intellectual forum for all evolution-related controversies at the professional level, in a way that is accessible to the informed public, along with “evolution 101″ features for bringing the general public up to speed. Principe’s role as education editor is to generate original content, in the form of articles, book reviews, podcasts, and video casts, as well as to aggregate existing content on issues and controversies related to
evolution and education. The website was launched officially on Darwin Day (February 12, 2012). and is growing. A link to Principe’s introductory article on ETVOL is here.