A New Place Called Home

At the start of the fall semester, Ursinus student Zeba Hussaini 2014 asked new students ” What is one thing you are most happy to have brought with you to college/your dorm?”


Safiena Amzad, Tara Morars and Elana Roadcloud

Safiena Amzad (left), Political Science: “I love my mattress pad!”
Tara Morars (middle), Psychology:
“I love having the picture of my dog since I miss him so much.”
Elana Roadcloud (right), Biology:
“I am so happy I have an air conditioner!”
Bobbi Stone
Bobbi Stone, Psychology: “My wrap-around towel with velcro because walking around those dorm hallways is treacherous!”

Madeleine Borowski

Madeleine Borowski, Biology: “I like the many pillows I brought because now my bed is so comfy.”
Adam Hassan, Eddie Torres, Yousif Yahya, George Figueron, and McKinley Mohrman
Adam Hassan (far left), Neuroscience:
“An iron – need it for my clothes.”
Eddie Torres (left), Undecided:
“My baseball glove. Why? Because baseball is life.”
Yousif Yahya (middle), Pre-Law:
“Speakers because music attracts crowds!”
George Figueron (right), BCMB: “My Macbook because it’s the best.”
McKinley Mohrman (far right), Business and Economics:
“iPad for Netflix!”