Picking Up a Brush in City Schools

Madeline McEvily, a Bonner Leader and Senior Bonner Intern, organized a group of Ursinus students to volunteer for the “City Year Serves” day on Saturday, November 3, 2012. This was the second year Ursinus students have participated in the service day. The group works to help improve schools in Philadelphia with mural paintings, light construction and gardening.

Kristin Hanratty and Anahi McIntyre

Kristin Hanratty and Anahi McIntyre work on a mural in the music hallway.

This year, Ursinus volunteers worked to revitalize the Grover Washington Jr. Middle School in North Philadelphia. These volunteers joined community members, school partners, corporate sponsors and City Year alumni in the Philadelphia area to transform this school into a safer and friendlier place for students to learn and play. Twenty-two Ursinus students participated in painting murals in the hallways of the school, the gym and the cafeteria. Ursinus alumni Anne Lapera, currently in City Year Philadelphia, and Amanda Finch were there to help out, too.

“City Year day of service made getting up early worth it,” says Anahi McTntyre 2014. “Not only was the staff kind and organized, but we also got to work with some of the students who go to the school. I love to do crafts and paint murals, but it made doing the tasks that much better knowing who was going to appreciate this artwork every day. Having students there helped highlight the reasons why City Year does what it does.”

Shannon Serafin, Si Jia Li and Pinhong He

Shannon Serafin, Si Jia Li and Pinhong He collaborate on a mural.

Danielle Reach and MK Speth

Danielle Reach and MK Speth work on a nutritional message.