Dreaming of the Ideal Job

In light of the Career Services Job Fair on Feb. 8, Ursinus student Zeba Hussaini 2014 wanted to learn what careers were at the top of the list. She stopped students, faculty and staff to ask, “What is your ideal/dream job?”

“Wow, I never thought of my “dream” job – only my “planned” job.  I really would like to be the editor of a literary magazine; my favorite one is McSweeney’s!”
-Jeff Swann, 2012, Philosophy and American Studies

“My dream job is actually my dad’s job.  He’s the Vice President of Student Affairs at Wilkes University. If he could just hand the job down to me, that would be great!”
-Lindsay Adams, 2012, MCS and Applied Ethics

“I want to be the President of Sudan.”
-Rouaa Mohamed, Class of 2012, Sociology

“I can’t decide between mommy and politician…both?”
-Nikki Chamberlain, Class of 2012, MCS


“I never thought about this. I would love to be a psychiatrist.”
-Alvin Varghese, 2015, Neuroscience and Psychology

“I want to be a journalist – hopefully an environmental journalist.”
-Mike Melchiorre, 2015, English and Environmental Studies

“I love baking. And I love basket weaving. Everyone tells me to open up a “baked goods and baskets” shop!”
-Colleen Skelton, Dining Services, Jazzman’s in the Library

“My dream job is to be a lego set designer or lego installation specialist, in Denmark. Specifically in Denmark.”
-Patrick Hurley, Professor, Environmental Studies

“Well, if I could choose anything I would love to be a sports commentator on ESPN!”
-Janel Melnick, 2013, Business and Economics
Zeba Hussaini. class of 2014, is a Biology/Neuroscience major. Her dream job is to work for Doctors Without Borders.