UC’s Democrats and Republicans Agree: Register to Vote

While the College Democrats and College Republicans may not see eye to eye on every issue, there is one thing on which both groups agree: the importance of getting younger voters registered.

Uncle Sam“If younger voters do not take interest in the upcoming election, or any election for that matter, our voices will go unheard,” says Ethan Kuhn, president of the College Republicans. “We have a great variety of opinions on key issues and solutions to key problems . . . . Anybody can [make a difference in the election] and we, the younger voters, have the time to volunteer for causes we hold dear.” In the coming weeks, the College Republicans plan to set up tables outside of Wismer to offer “information comparing and contrasting the candidates…to give students a non-filtered view of the policy positions our elected officials hold.” The group will also host a town hall meeting with State Senator John C. Rafferty Jr. this month.

Getting students to the polls is equally important to the College Democrats, who have been holding weekly voter registration drives. “It’s important for younger voters to take an interest in this election because the decisions made now determine what may happen in the future in regard to energy independence, taxes, health care, education, and how young people think the economy should be run for the long term,” says Brett Hillsberg, president of the College Democrats.

Hillsberg cites student debt, youth unemployment, and health care as the bigger issues concerning his generation, while Kuhn believes that “younger voters have a lot of the same questions and concerns as older voters: How do we best kick-start the economy? Will Social Security be there when it’s time for us to retire? What is the proper role of government in our personal affairs?”

While the Oct. 2 ruling that delayed full implementation of a state law requiring photographic identification means that photo ID will not be required to vote on Nov. 6, Hillsberg says the College administration “made a great effort to deal with the [issue of voter ID] in regards to the stickers offered at Tech Support.”

The deadline to register to vote in this election is Oct. 9. If you don’t catch the College Democrats or the College Republicans during one of their registration drives, you can pick up a Pennsylvania Voter Registration Mail Application outside of the Registrar’s Office, which is located on the third floor of Myrin Library. Whether you live on campus or off, you can use that address to legally vote. More information is available at www.VotesPA.com.

The College Democrats and the College Republicans will also be co-hosting debate-watching parties. Check the Calendar of Events at www.events.ursinus.edu for dates and times.