Delbanco notes Ursinus CIE on WHYY’s Radio Times

Andrew DelBanco, Professor of American Studies at Columbia University, recommended Usinus College’s Common Intellectual Experience on the PBS WHYY-Radio show, “Radio Times” Sept. 4. He was on the show to discuss his book, “College: What It Was, Is, and Should Be.”  In answer to a caller question about credits and requirements, he said, “I have to say, the institutions that most impress me or where my heart seems to lie, are…. Ursinus College, which requires all its incoming students to take a seminar…. The Common Intellectual Experience seminar, in which they read a relatively small number of the great books of the Western tradition that compel them to confront the big questions, about the meaning of life, and the responsibility one has to one’s children, and child to parents, and what’s honorable and dishonorable behavior when your’e in a battlefield situation which is what so many of the great poems and novels have been about…. And my sense is that the students have a tremendously valuable experience. . . . The other thing I like about that kind of program . . . . is that all the students read the same books  . . . at the outset, which give s them something to talk about, gives them something in common regardless of what their backgrounds may be. So I’m a big fan of that kind of core curriculum education and I’d like to see more of it.” Listen to the mp3

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