Professor co-authors op-ed on Chemical Safety Bill

Associate Professor of Biology Rebecca Roberts has co-authored a piece in The Philadelphia Inquirer (Jan. 5 ) “Chemical safety bill has diverse support,” on the dangers of toxic chemicals in consumer products. She and co-author Maureen Swanson, director of the Healthy Children Project at the Learning Disabilities Association in Pittsburgh, outline support for the Safe Chemicals Act before Congress.

Professor Rebecca Roberts

Dr. Roberts has been featured in the Inquirer as a mother of young children who studies the chemical bisphenol A in plastic children’s products. She has testified to the state legislature and has been quoted as an expert on the topic, most recently in  Her Ursinus research students study, among other topics, the environmental estrogen BPA which may act as an immune modulator and affect disease progression. It is used in the manufacture of polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins widely found in food containers. Read more here.