Book: ‘Starred’ reviews by Kirkus, Publishers Weekly

America the Philosophical, the forthcoming book about America as a philosophical culture, by Ursinus Professor of Philosophy and Humanities Carlin Romano, has earned a rare accolade: “starred” reviews from both of the country’s major pre-publication reviews, Publishers Weekly and Kirkus Reviews. A starred review in the magazines, which are widely read in the publishing and media industries, indicates a book of  “exceptional quality.” In its April 1 issue, Kirkus described Romano’s 672-page book as “comprehensive and certain-to-be controversial.” Writing that “Romano’s grip on his subject is fierce,” Kirkus judged the book “a tour de force–encyclopedic, entertaining, and enlightening.”

Publishers Weekly, which in January named America the Philosophical as one of its Top Ten books of the Spring in “Literary Essays and Criticism,” credited Romano in its March 26th review with “breathtaking intellectual range and passion,” observing: “With illuminating anecdotes and an addictive prose style, Romano renders complex ideas lucid without sacrificing depth of understanding or his splendid sense of humor.”

America the Philosophical will be published by Alfred A. Knopf on May 22, when  Professor Romano will begin a series of nationwide talks about the book, including at the Free Library of Philadelphia. His most recent essay as Critic-at-Large of  The Chronicle of Higher Education appeared in the March 16th issue of the Chronicle.