Tragic losses for Ursinus wrestlers and campus

As the Ursinus campus mourns former wrestler Daniel K. Glover, who died Jan. 30 from injuries received in a car accident (read more), The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Mike Jensen writes about two recent losses for the team  in the Feb. 4 sports section. Those who knew Glover are not surprised at his legacy, described here in New Jersey’s Bergen County Record, and this follow-up story.

One thought on “Tragic losses for Ursinus wrestlers and campus

  1. I would like to thank the entire wrestling team including the wrestlers who were at the school when Jordan was a freshman for being by his side the entire time Jordan was sick. They were at his benefit which had an unbelievable turnout. I thank the assistant coaches who paid their respects as did several professors. The turnout for everything was overwhelming. While Jordan was in Hospice there may have been up to 100 people there for us. His entire high school team and all coaches from same. And the assistant coaches from Ursinus as well as Jordans youth coaches and numerous friends from Ursinus. I thank you Ursinus. My heart goes out to the Glovers and I pray that God eases their pain. It is a pain no one should endure. And it is tragic the way the events occurred. Jordan loved his time at Ursinus. We thank you.. The Baumeisters

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