The Ursinus Team Mentality

The lifelong impact of coaches on our students and alumni is what makes Ursinus special for scholar athletes. In the wake of the Hall of Fame for Athletes inductions and some individual recognition, the true team mentality at Ursinus is articulated. Continue reading

Examining Pests on a Barley Farm

Organic farming can produce an increase in species richness and in the abundance of predatory insects and weeds. But does a rise in biodiversity have an impact on pest control? Biology majors Cody Nagy and Mark Gapinski studied the impact of organic agricultural practices on insect pest control as part of their Summer Fellows research in Sweden Read More»

New Center Encourages Entrepreneurial Approaches

Ursinus College’s second strategic interdisciplinary Center: U-Imagine! The Center for Integrative and Entrepreneurial Studies, will build on the Ursinus culture of creativity and collaboration by connecting the capacity for integrative thinking with an entrepreneurial mindset. Read More»

Prolific Writer Grace Buchele 2014 on Study Abroad…and Wedding Dresses

Grace Buchele 2014

Grace Buchele 2014, an International Relations and East Asian Studies major and David L. Boren Scholarship recipient from Georgetown, Texas, spent 11 months in Japan during the 2012-13 school year teaching English, studying full-time at the International Christian University in Tokyo, and volunteering as an English teacher at local elementary schools. Recently interviewed her about the benefits of interning and working during a study-abroad experience. Read More»

Sarah Huang 2014 Examines Meaning of “Real Food”

When you think of real food, what are some of the images that come to mind? Fresh fruits and vegetables just picked from the farm? A home-cooked meal? Organic ingredients? For each of us, the definition of “real food” may differ, but now Ursinus has someone who is trying to help us figure it all out. Read More»

Biology Researches the Ugly Sweater

Biology and BCMB independent research students (from first-year students performing 1-credit research to seniors performing their honors research) took a short study break and celebrated the holidays with the biology faculty at an Ugly Sweater Party. Read More»