Holly Hubbs To Present at National Conferences

Associate Professor of Music Holly Hubbs will give three  presentations at two National Conferences in the spring. At the National Conference of the North American Saxophone Alliance, at the University of Illinois in March, Hubbs will present a lecture recital on the music of 1920’s composer/saxophonist/teacher Kathryne E. Thompson. The Junction Saxophone Quartet, in which Hubbs plays tenor saxophone, will also make its conference debut.

In April, Hubbs will present a paper titled “Whose Rhythm is it Anyway?: Creation and Appropriation in 1950’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Culture” at the National Conference of the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association in Chicago. Hubbs’ research student, Hailey Blessing 2014, will also present at the conference, reading a paper on appropriation of black culture in animation from the 1940s to present-day.