Education Student Spotlight: Samantha Lowes 2013

Samantha has been a mathematics tutor for middle school, high school, and Ursinus college students for the past three years. 

samantha lowesShe has also been a mentor for the Ursinus Suicide Prevention Program for the past two years, visiting local schools to educate and mentor students about suicide and bullying prevention.  She is a member of the Ursinus “Students Today Into Leaders Tomorrow” program for the past two years, in which we use interactive lessons to teach goal setting, teamwork, and leadership to students in nearby school districts.

In addition, Samantha  is a ESL (English as a Second Language) Tutor for custodial staff, as part of the program at Ursinus College which is supported by Verizon Foundation Grant and was featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer and on NBC Television.  She is a volunteer at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) 2012 Conference in Philadelphia, the Vice President of the Ursinus College Chapter of the Mathematical Association of America (MMA) and the secretary of the Ursinus College Chapter of the American Statistical Association (ASA).