Disaster Relief Expert Talk Postponed

NOTE: The Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) has asked International Medical Corps to help deal with the disaster in the Philippines, and Rabih Torbay is being deployed there today. As a result, the talk scheduled for Nov. 13 has been postponed.Rabih Torbay, Vice President for International Operations of International Medical Corps (IMC), was scheduled to speak Nov. 13 at Ursinus.

Rabih Torbay

Rabih Torbay, Vice President for International Operations of International Medical Corps (IMC)

An experienced disaster relief manager and program design specialist, Torbay has 15 years of experience working in developing countries. He has implemented projects in several different complex emergency settings on three continents and worked in all phases of NGO disaster response management―from local, country, and regional levels to that of headquarters.

In 2003, Torbay led the Emergency Response Team and served as Acting Country Director for IMC’s comprehensive relief and development initiative in Iraq. IMC was the first non-governmental organization to enter southern Iraq in April 2003 as well as one of the first agencies to enter Baghdad after the war. Currently, IMC has more than 400 staff operating programs in 16 of 18 governorates throughout the country.

Torbay spearheaded a comprehensive, multi-sectoral relief program throughout the country, including primary health services, basic medical supplies and drugs, emergency feeding programs for the most vulnerable, water and sanitation activities, hospital and clinic rehabilitation, and hands-on training for Iraqi medical counterparts. He was invited to speak by Ambassador (Ret.) Joseph H. Melrose Jr., who first met him in Sierra Leone.