New Center Encourages Entrepreneurial Approaches

Ursinus College’s second strategic interdisciplinary Center: U-Imagine! The Center for Integrative and Entrepreneurial Studies, will build on the Ursinus culture of creativity and collaboration by connecting the capacity for integrative thinking with an entrepreneurial mindset. The Center embodies the College’s commitment to providing a rigorous liberal education that cultivates sound judgment essential for a satisfying career and a useful life.

The Center will be directed by an interdisciplinary faculty team: Carol Cirka from Business and Economics, Rebecca Jaroff from English, and April Kontostathis from Mathematics and Computer Science. The U-Imagine! Center will develop an entrepreneurial spirit that permeates the Ursinus campus culture and fosters entrepreneurial competencies in students regardless of major or post-graduate goals.

Several existing entrepreneurial initiatives, including the U-Innovate! competition and the U-Inspire! lecture series, will come under the umbrella of the U-Imagine! Center, and there will be additional creative programming as the Center evolves. All students, faculty and staff should see themselves as potential users of the Center. Look for announcements in early 2014 regarding faculty development opportunities and a student consulting program.

Throughout our curriculum, students master the communications skills and achieve the scientific, cultural, and historical literacy that are fundamentals of a liberal education. The mission of the U-Imagine! Center is to extend these competencies and give students the confidence and the ability to recognize and take full advantage of opportunities to apply their learning. We aspire to enable our students to become creative and compassionate leaders.

The U-Imagine! Center thus joins the Center for Science and the Common Good as a second pillar for interdisciplinary study in and beyond the classroom.

Said Dr. Fong in his campus-wide announcement Dec. 13, “We are hopeful that U-Imagine! The Center for Integrative and Entrepreneurial Studies will make Ursinus even more distinctive in the liberal arts marketplace.”

3 thoughts on “New Center Encourages Entrepreneurial Approaches

  1. Dear Doctor Fong,

    Great to learn of U-Imagine! The Center for Integrative and Entrepreneurial Studies.

    Please let me know if you would like to consider including my science-based Integrative Thinking Course in your College’s curriculum. It is outlined on my website.


    Graham Douglas

  2. I’m so pleased to learn of this initiative and of UC’s continued commitment to fostering the entrepreneurial mindset. In recent years, being a business owner myself, I’ve often remarked how many of my UC classmates are also successful entrepreneurs. It’s no coincidence.
    I credit the college with encouraging big-thinking and developing confidence in its students to lead and innovate in their communities.

  3. The US Patent & Trademark Office may be one of our country’s most unrecognized keys to American innovative strength worldwide. The program you have launched at UC honors centuries of innovators and entrepreneurs who have used intellectual property as the building blocks for American business success. I applaud you for taking your students back to true foundation upon which the American dream is truly built – hail to the dreamers!

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