Ursinus Offers ‘Best Bang for Buck:’ Washington Monthly

Washington Monthly includes Ursinus College in a new ranking called Best Bang for Your Buck colleges and universities.  

The list is U.S. colleges in America that do the “best job of helping non-wealthy students attain marketable degrees at affordable prices.”

Washington Monthly coverThe exclusive list includes 349 “best bang for the buck” schools out of 1,572 colleges and universities in the broader rankings. Ursinus College is 54th on a list of only 70 liberal arts colleges on the list. Ursinus is #263 of all 349 schools which made the list.

Visit the magazine web site for more information and the methodology.

To get on the list, colleges have to meet four criteria. First, to make sure they aren’t just catering to the affluent, at least 20 percent of their students must be receiving Pell grants, which go to students typically  with annual household incomes below $50,000. Second, schools must have a graduation rate of at least 50 percent. Third, each school’s actual graduation rate must meet or exceed the rate that would be statistically predicted for that school given the number of lower-income students admitted. Fourth, to make sure their graduates are earning enough in the workforce to at least cover their student loans, schools must have a student loan default rate of 10 percent or less.

The Washington Monthly annual college edition known for ranking colleges according to community engagement outcomes, also features in its 2013 College guide a full list of colleges that are rated “based on their contribution to the public good in three broad categories: Social Mobility (recruiting and graduating low-income students), Research (producing cutting-edge scholarship and PhDs), and Service (encouraging students to give something back to their country). Of 255 liberal arts colleges, Ursinus is ranked 84th.


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