Biology Researches the Ugly Sweater

Biology and BCMB independent research students (from first-year students performing 1-credit research to seniors performing their honors research) took a short study break and celebrated the holidays with the biology faculty at an Ugly Sweater Party. Several students who participated in this summer’s HHMI-supported FUTURE research program attended the event. FUTURE Mentors Erica Gorenberg, Andrew Kane were present along with FUTURE Students Alyse Brewer, Elana Roadcloud, and Samantha White.  Ali Hrasok (not pictured) and Adrienne Murphy Stout who graduated with the Ursinus Class of 2013 returned to campus to attend the event and meet with good friends. Music, food and of course – some discussion on finals – were all part of the fun.


Ugly Sweaters for Biology Students

Top row: Billy Haussner, Chelsea Kozior, Margo Randelman, Michelle Swenson, Dan Selechnik, Kate Power, Dom Castanzo Middle row: Sean Delany, Peter Eisenhauer, Erica Gorenberg, Emily Black, Elana Roadcloud, Arielle Kilner, Dylan Cuva, Andrew Kane, Chris Ryder, Caitlin Lucinese, Kelsey Miller, Dan Marad, Adrienne Murphy-Stout (UC 2013) Front row: Alyse Brewer. Those seated include Dominique Saturno and Samantha White.