Chemistry Chair on Religion and Science Panel

Mark Ellison, Associate Professor of Chemistry, is a panelist at an upcoming forum discussing thought-provoking questions in religion and science. “Creation or Big Bang Theory: A Forum on Religion and Science” at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, 121 Church St., Phoenixville, will take place May 19 from 2 to 4 p.m. The panel will discuss issues such as: Are religion and science mutually exclusive? Must people of faith reject science’s theories on the origin of the universe or evolution? Can the Bible play a role in the life of a scientist? Can religion and science coexist in our daily lives, helping us to solve the problems of the modern world?

Ellison, who has taught at Ursinus since 2005, is Chair of the Chemistry Department. He earned a Ph.D. from Stanford University.

Other panelists are Nancy Rosenberger, an English teacher and college instructor who is a convinced Quaker; and Ray Sams, an engineer with an extensive background in the chemical and pharmaceutical fields and with civil and environmental consulting firms.