Philosophical Society Symposium on Romano’s Book

At its 40th annual conference this March, the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy,  the chief scholarly group in the field of American philosophy, held a symposium on America the Philosophical, the recent book by Ursinus Professor of Philosophy and Humanities Carlin Romano.

Participants in the session, which took place as part of a four-day international conference that involved scholars of American philosophy from Ireland, Italy, Japan and other countries, included some of the leading U.S. scholars of American philosophy, among them Charlene Haddock Seigfried of Purdue University (author of Pragmatism and Feminism), Scott Pratt of the University of Oregon (author of Native Pragmatism), and Jacqueline Kegley of California State University, Bakersfield (author of Josiah Royce in Focus).

At the end of the conference, which took place at Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, it was announced that Prof. Romano will be the keynote speaker in 2014 at the Society’s annual “Summer Institute in American Philosophy” at the University of Oregon, delivering two lectures and responding to presentations on his book.