Prof. Hurley to Receive Teaching Excellence Award

Patrick Hurley, Associate Professor and Chair of Environmental Studies, has been recognized by the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy for teaching within our community.

The staff and board of the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy selected Dr. Hurley to receive the 2013 Teaching Excellence Environmental Award.

tree planting

Tree Planting in Lower Frederick

He credits the work of his students fostering stewardship and education. Students enrolled in an environmental planning capstone course worked on a web site that supports landowner and student environmental education about the watershed. The
web site provides resources for teachers and others to explore land-use history, the relationship of management strategies to improvement, and the role of particular species in these efforts. As part of that class, and an introductory class, UC students participated in significant watershed enhancement projects, including tree planting at a park in Lower Frederick, storm basin naturalization in The Vineyards condominium community in Red Hill, and forest enhancement at Meng Preserve in Lower Frederick.

According to the award notification, the selection committee “was impressed by the depth and breadth of your experience and your passion for educating and inspiring those around you to understand and appreciate our natural environment. Examples of your active teaching through local conservation/restoration projects and in-the-field activities as well as your lasting positive impact on future environmental stewards are strong evidence of your commitment to Environmental Education. You have clearly earned this recognition.”

After the tree planting in Lower Frederick, students commented that they began to realize that planting trees could have a huge effect on the environment. More than 1,000 trees were planted.

Dr. Hurley will receive the award at a banquet Oct. 24 at 5:30 p.m. at RiverCrest Gold Club and Preserve in Phoenixville. More information about the banquet is here.