Students Create Winning U-Innovate Logo/Slogan

Sophomores Kevin Rivera and Kristin McGillis were named the winners in the U-Innovate! Logo and Slogan Contest, taking home $250 each. Forty-two students submitted more than 100 slogans and 45 logos for consideration.

Kevin Rivera, Eduardo Ramos and Kristin McGillis

Rivera, a social sciences major, submitted the winning logo and McGillis, a science major, submitted the winning slogan, “Because the Future Can’t Wait.”

Actor/model/global marketing manager/author Eduardo Ramos 2006 presented the checks to the winners on Sept. 25. Later that day, Ramos, the first of several successful entrepreneurs who will visit campus, delivered a talk titled, “Risk, Hustle and Happiness: Essentials of Creative-based Careers.”

The contest helped kick off the inaugural year of the U-Innovate! Competition, which fosters entrepreneurial spirit through the liberal arts, so that any Ursinus student from any discipline can transform creative visions into meaningful solutions that satisfy social and market needs.

U-Innovate Logo

Kevin Rivera's winning logo for U-Innovate.

The competition will produce E-thinkers and a campus culture where liberal education and development of an entrepreneurial mindset are tightly intertwined and where students embrace opportunities, employ innovation and value creation. The winner/winners will gain financial support to implement their plan during summer 2014, and will be paired with outside mentors.

Click here for more details and official rules.

Led by faculty Rebecca Jaroff in English, Carol Cirka in Business and Economics, and April Kontostathis in Math and Computer Science, U-Innovate is funded by an alumni donor.