Berman Gift Noted in Art Media

The announcement that The Philip and Muriel Berman Foundation has given Ursinus College more than 1,300 works of art was followed in the art media:


ARTINFO (October 17): Contributor Meredith Caraher developed an illustrated news item for the “In the Air” section of ARTINFO’s website. Her article leads with the gift to Ursinus College, the accompanying exhibition, and includes a quote by Nancy Berman  that speaks to her parents’ philanthropic legacy.

Antiques and Fine Art (October 18): Featured on the news section of the Antiques
and Fine Arts’ website, the piece provides an overview of the gift to Ursinus
College and notes the A to Z exhibition at the Berman Museum, and includes
a quote by Nancy Berman.

Art Daily (October 17) .

Artron (October 18): An English-language arts website based in China.

i4u News (October 17): A news source for trending art stories.