Professor Goddard-Doms Awarded for Research Geared to Civic and “Eco-Minded Excellence”

Main Line Today Magazine awarded Associate Professor of Biology Kate Goddard-Doms with its annual Green Award given to residents of the Main Line for work geared toward “Eco-Minded Excellence.”  Goddard-Doms is featured in the magazine’s April issue for her passionate work educating students about marine and freshwater issues.  The magazine also focuses on the conservation efforts that consume much of her free time.  Six other organizations or individuals were honored including heir to the Campbell Soup fortune and a noted philanthropist, Dorrance​ “Dodo” Hamilton, founder and trustee of the Swiss Village Farm Foundation.

Goddard-Doms researches the effects of a dam removal in Delaware County’s Kent Park, which hopefully will increase stream life and allow fish to migrate upstream to lay their eggs. Her students at Ursinus work with her on a study of stream insects in Ithan Creek.

The Ursinus students accompany Goddard-Doms to area elementary schools to teach children about stream insects and salt-marsh organisms. They also direct stream study with ninth-graders at Marple Newtown High School and Trinity Presbyterian Church in Berwyn gets an annual “Saving Creation” lesson on Earth Day.

Goddard-Doms, a board member and education committee chair at Darby Creek Valley Association tells Main Line Today; “It would be great if all the school children in the Greater Philadelphia area had more opportunity to experience nature and enjoy it.”