Students Find Math…Everywhere

Every year, students in Math for the Liberal Arts, a class that focuses on students who do not major in a science, are given the opportunity to create posters that demonstrate the ways in which math impacts something meaningful to them. Poetry, art, golf, lacrosse, shopping and numerology were among the themes found at this semester’s exhibition. “This project gives students a chance to express themselves and see that math is everywhere,” says Mathematics and Computer Science Instructor Rosemarie Wait, who has been teaching the course on and off since 2003 and introduced the poster session in 2005. It shows “the entire Ursinus community that you can find math in something that you love to do.”


Math Poster: Math and PoetryMath and Poetry
We researched several poetic forms and demonstrated how poetry uses math to form the desired structure. Poetry relies heavily on visual presentation, sounds, pacing, and unconventional storytelling, and these aspects are all achieved by using mathematics sequences and patterns.
Marquis Wilson
Media & Communication Studies and Theater, 2015
Quinn Gilman-Forlini, English, 2015



Math Poster: The Statistics of LiteratureStatistics of Literature: A History
Our poster analyzed the statistics of word usage and word choice throughout the history of the English language, pulling from three well-known texts and authors (The King James’ Bible, William Shakespeare, The Catcher in the Rye) to draw a larger conclusion.
Alex Alfieri, Political Science, 2016
Amanda Sierzega, English, 2016
Nora Sternlof, English, 2016



Math Poster: Collegeville Population 1900-2000Collegeville Population 1900-2000
We presented the population changes in the borough of Collegeville since 1900. We wanted to see why the population climbed so drastically, and found that as Collegeville became less agrarian and more suburban, population climbed and farmland became developed for housing.
Jimmy Coble, Environmental Studies, 2016
Katie Avetta, Politics, 2017




Math Poster: The Mathematics of GolfMathematics in the Game of Golf
Our poster was about how mathematics drive the game of golf. We are both avid golfers and play on the team here at Ursinus and thought it was interesting to see how much mathematics play a role in golf.
Chris McCann, Business & Economics, 2014
Paul Michaud, Business & Economics, 2014




Math Poster: Connecting the PiecesConnecting the Pieces
Our poster was about logic and puzzles. We discovered that a lot of puzzles have to be solved by trial and error, but by researching more, we found that you can apply different kinds of logic to make the trial and error process easier when solving puzzles.
Kelly Rosen, Psychology, 2017
Jasmine Rivera, Psychology, 2017



Math Poster: Who Are You?Who Are You?
Our poster was about numerology. While doing the project, we discovered that astrology came from the foundations of numerology.
Jane Sutton
Dance and Business & Economics, 2017
Harold Holland
Media & Communication Studies, 2015



Math Poster: Mathematics and PoetryMathematics & Poetry
Our project was a presentation on how mathematics is involved in poetry. We studied the effects of the number of lines, stanzas, and syllables in a poem on the poem’s tone and mood and found ways in which math was used in poetry in the past, particularly in 1960’s France.
Darrah Hewlett, English, 2016
Hope Charney, English and Political Science, 2015



Math Poster: Is It Golden?Marketing Logo: Is It Golden?
For our poster we wanted to focus on how the golden ratio is used in marketing. We discovered that many logos are created while keeping the golden ratio and other rules in mind.
Lexi Gallopoulos, English, 2016
Aaron Michell, Media & Communication Studies, 2015




Math Poster: Math at the MallMath at the Mall
We thought it would be important to show how math is included in everyday life, and applicable to almost anything. We used percentages to find the best deals at stores and what the price of an item would be with tax included. Therefore, we could make the best decisions as to what to buy, and get the best deal possible.
Madeline Troutman, Politics and Dance, 2016
Chelsea Sayegh, Media & Communication Studies, 2016



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