Sustainability Committee to Start in April

As part of Ursinus’s commitment to the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment, the UC Office of Sustainability (OS) is forming a campus-wide UC Sustainability Committee (UCSC). Membership on the committee is by invitation or appointment. The committee’s primary mission will be to oversee the integration of sustainability into the life of Ursinus College and to help guide and oversee the implementation of the Ursinus College Climate and Sustainability Action Plan (CSAP).

Office of SustainabilityThe UCSC will be chaired by the Office of Sustainability’s Campus Sustainability Planner, Shannon Spencer. We will elect a vice-chair and secretary. Membership will consist of ex officio members (President and Vice Presidents), administration representatives, staff members, faculty who represent all divisions and other areas, student representatives, and alumni (who are in an environmental or sustainability-related field of work). Student positions will represent SGA, UC Environmental Action, and the Sustainability Fellows. Each member will be responsible for encouraging other employees in their department or building (or students) to implement sustainability measures and for keeping track of actions made in their area toward the CSAP. Members will update the committee on progress.

The UCSC also will have several open-membership subcommittees. Some of these will be standing (permanent) and some will be short-term, based on interest and need. These are the subcommittees that we will start with:

• Tree Care Committee (this will be a permanent subcommittee)
• Sustainable Student Experience
• Sustainable Facilities
• Energy Conservation

Membership on the subcommittees will be open to all members of the Ursinus community, including faculty, staff, administrators, and students (all years). Subcommittees will report to the UCSC regularly on progress. Our subcommittees will be responsible for identifying areas to focus on, potential actions, and making recommendations on those areas/actions to the UCSC. We encourage anyone who is interested in getting involved in sustainability to do so through these subcommittees!

Direction for future subcommittee topics will be set by the UCSC’s executive committee (consisting of Office of Sustainability staff and Facilities Services director) and guided by the CSAP. There are many topics that were considered for inclusion as subcommittees. We look forward to expanding the range of topics as participation, interest, and time allow.

If you have any questions about the Sustainability Committee or are interested in joining a subcommittee, please contact Shannon Spencer in the Office of Sustainability at x3159 or at