Urban Foraging Research Published and Presented

An article from Associate Professor of Environmental Studies Patrick Hurley’s collaborative research on urban foraging has recently been published in the journal Local Environment: The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability.  In the article titled “Gathering ‘wild’ food in the city,” Dr. Hurley and coauthors explore the role of wild plant harvesting in U.S. cities in rethinking environmental management policy toward the urban forest. Last semester Professor Hurley was  invited to present research at Colgate University with Ursinus students about the practices of foraging in the Philadelphia Metro area. His talk titled “Hidden resources, ‘Illegal” harvests? ‘Wild’ plant gathering and parks,” discussed the extent of foraging within the region’s parks and how these practices fit into the legal landscapes of area parks. More than 50 students and faculty heard the talk sponsored by the Departments of Geography, Environmental Studies, Sociology and Anthropology, and Biology.