Ursinus Presents at Student Chemists Convention

Six Ursinus biology, BCMB, and chemistry majors traveled to Albright College to present their research at the 78th Annual Intercollegiate Student Chemists Convention at the end of the spring academic semester. chemistry conference 2014Wilmer Barndt (Chemistry ’14) presented a talk, “Gaining an Understanding of the Processes Leading to Retention on a Phenyl HPLC Stationary Phase”, on research he did with Dr. Eric Williamsen. Kristen Biernat (Chemistry ’14) presented a talk, “Creation and Characterization of 4-His/3-carboxylate DFsc Proteins”, on Honors research she performed with Dr. Amanda Reig. Kara DiJoseph (Biology ’14) presented a talk, “The Interaction of Tetracycline-Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes with Escherichia coli”, on Honors research she did with Dr. Mark Ellison and Dr. Anthony Lobo. Travis Maider (Chemistry ’14) presented a talk, “A Study of Catalytic Hydrogenation of Two Arylketene Trimers”, on Honors research he performed with Dr. Ronald Hess. Matthew McKay (BCMB ’14) presented a talk, “Investigating a Link Between Coagulation and Inflammation: A Study of Complement Component C3 and the Lectin-like Domain of Thrombomodulin”, on research he did with Dr. Julia Koeppe. Rachel Polinski (BCMB ’14) presented a talk, “Creation of Rubrerythrin and Symerytherin Model Proteins”, on Honors research she carried out with Dr. Amanda Reig. Finally, Morgan Wambaugh (BCMB ’14) presented a talk, “Designing a Solid-supported Thrombomodulin Construct to use in Protein Interaction Studies with Complement Proteins”, on research she did with Dr. Julia Koeppe.

Morgan Wambaugh took first place and Matthew McKay took second place in the Biochemistry Division.

The student presenters were accompanied by chemistry professors Ellison, Hess, Koeppe, Reig, Tortorelli, and Williamsen, and by students Jonathan Birabaharan (BCMB ’14) and Jenna Pellegrino (BCMB ’17)