77 Portraits and Sleep at Berman Museum of Art

New Summer Hours – Closed Sundays and Mondays, May 27 – August 25
Open Tuesday – Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Closed for holidays, Saturday, May 24, and Friday & Saturday, July 4 & 5
Diary of the One Swelling Sea |  Extended to June 15, 2014

What would it be like to step outside our lives and into someone else’s day-to-day existence? To experience something bigger than we are, bigger than all of humanity? How would it feel to live as deep and long as the sea, to love a moon so far away you could never touch her, only show her your adoration in millions of shimmering waves?  In Diary of the One Swelling Sea, visual artist Corinne Duchesne, composer Garrett Hope, and poet Jill McCabe Johnson have created an alternate world in which to contemplate and connect with the sea, the earth, and cosmos. Combining large-scale drawings, original poems, and newly-composed music, the exhibition is an invitation to step into oceanic experience and feel the surge and sympathy of one’s own inner tides.

77 Portraits  | May 27–September 21, 2014

Coming from a very straightforward premise and drawn entirely from the collection of the Berman Museum of Art, 77 Portraits brings together a total of seventy-seven works across a range of mediums and time periods, all of which feature the human face or figure. The works on display vary from a sixteenth-century oil painting to very recent photographs, demonstrating that across the ages, the urge to make pictures of people—to make portraits—endures.

Sleep  | July 7–October 26, 2014

From the mid-1960s through the 1970s, New York-based photographer Michael Putnam captured images of people from around the world sleeping in public places. His sleepers, found sprawled in parks, curled up on benches, and contorted into all sorts of unlikely positions, express a profound attitude of trust and peace. Putnam’s photographs will also be accompanied by screenings of Andy Warhol’s legendary film Sleep: a five-hour portrait of poet John Giorno at rest.

Good Neighbors  | October 14, 2014–January 11, 2015

Good Neighbors is an exhibition concerned with making overtures, gaining trust, and the bonds that are formed by being invited into someone’s personal space. Taking notions of home—which can take many forms—as its starting point, the exhibition features installations and photography by Ursinus faculty members Kay Healy and Sarah Kaufman alongside works by a handful of to-be-determined artists from the region. Over the summer, Healy and Kaufman will join the Berman’s Ginny Kollak and Charles Stainback in visiting artists in their studios throughout the Philadelphia area. Through introductions both targeted and serendipitous, this project seeks to turn casual networks into lasting connections and to highlight an open, vibrant community of artists.