Dance Faculty Joins ‘You & Me Philly’ for Innovative Event

Ursinus Dance Department faculty Jeanine McCain and Karen Clemente join Philadelphia area artists and dancers to create You & Me Philly, an intimate evening of music, dinner, art, and dance. Performances will be in Chestnut Hill United Church, 8812 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia, on Sept. 11 and 13 from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.

This performance and dinner is curated, performed, and directed by Denver-based artist Tara Rynders and local Philadelphia dancers, including alumna Mary Elizabeth Ashley.

Jeannine MccainYou & Me Philly allows each guest the chance to create their own performance as they explore spatial and emotional intimacy through live performance, technology, video, music, and dance.  Some highlights include site-specific dance performances;  performances created by one performer for one guest at a time;, and a sit-down family-style dinner served to all the guests during the evening.  You & Me Philly questions all aspects of performance, including where a performance can take place, who are the real performers, how does performance change when it is being witnessed, and is a performance really a performance if it is only happening for one person?

Rynders is a guest artist at Ursinus College this fall when she will engage students in the process of making a dance for the camera and explore new and non- traditional ways of filming dance, and collaboratively create a short film to be viewed at the Ursinus Fringe Festival Sept. 19 and fall dance concert.

Rynders is the Artist in Residence at Redline in Denver, CO and the co-artistic director of San Souci Festival of Dance Cinema.  Her work has been commissioned for performances, exhibitions and film festivals nationally and internationally throughout Europe and Mexico.  She dances with WildHeart in Boulder, CO.

Rynders and her collective premiered You & Me Denver in April 2011 and has since toured with her company to various locations in the U.S. for performances such as You & Me San Francisco at The Garage, You & Me Reno (NV) at the River School Farm, You & Me Emerge (MA) at Earthdance, and You & Me Evergreen (CO) at the Red Velvet Ranch.  In addition, You & Me recently returned from a two-month European tour to Iceland, Finland, Germany, Austria and Ireland.

Tickets are $25, and include performance and dinner. A limited number of tickets are available and advanced reservations are required. Tickets are available at:

For more information please visit or contact Tara at 720-469-7134 or