Newly Named Office Reflects Emphasis on Outcomes

A change in name and reporting relationship for the former Office of Career Services reflects the critical role of student post-graduate outcomes in an Ursinus education. The newly named Office of Career and Professional Development, with its new academic home in the Office of Academic Affairs, underscores the “Liberal Arts Plus” model at Ursinus that leads to lifelong success.

The new direction emphasizes that preparing students for success in the world after graduation world is a significant institutional priority. Career preparation that is integrated with the curriculum is the hallmark of an exceptional liberal arts education that both prepares our graduates for their first job and provides a foundation for a lifetime of careers, many of which don’t yet exist.

“Ursinus is in the forefront of a movement in which career programs at liberal arts colleges are redefining their roles and restating their positions,” said President Bobby Fong. “Colleges are aggressively countering unfounded concern, over the employability of liberal arts graduates at a time when families are carefully considering college choices.”

The name change reflects an initiative to strengthen the connections between students’ educational and applied experiences, explained Dean Lucien “Terry” Winegar. The integration of Career and Professional Development and Academic Affairs is a means to increase collaboration with faculty, and connect personal exploration, career exploration andskill development, such as communication, teamwork and analysis, with our curriculum.” The office was formerly under Student Affairs.

“Our vision for a ‘Liberal Arts Plus’ education makes career and professional development one of our institutional priorities,” said Dean Winegar. “Ursinus has long taken a comprehensive, holistic and developmental approach to guiding students to the best preparation for careers over a lifetime. Our shift in reporting, name change and program focus illustrate our commitment to providing an integrated approach to career development.”

The Office of Career and Professional Development, under the direction of Carla Mollins Rinde, is located in Bomberger 110. Phone: (610) 409-3599; Fax:  (610) 409-3631; Email: Office Hours are Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.