NY Times Cites Ursinus Economic Diversity

Ursinus is among the top 50 schools in a new, New York Times rankings project based on our commitment to access. “The Most Economically Diverse Top Colleges” examines 100 top colleges and universities from across the United States that have four-year graduation rates of 75 percent or higher. Ursinus College is 32nd on this list, between Cornell and Princeton. The editors created a “College Access Index” primarily based on two factors: the share of first-year students who are Pell grant recipients, and the net price of attendance for low- and middle-income families.

The UpShot column in the New York Times Sept. 8 which unveiled the new ranking, stated that “over the last decade, dozens of colleges have proclaimed that recruiting a more economically diverse student body was a top priority. Many of those colleges have not matched their words with actions. But some have.”

“We take pride in our efforts at making an Ursinus education accessible,” says Vice President for Enrollment Richard DiFeliciantonio. “Ursinus is mindful of a historic commitment to admitting students regardless of economic circumstance who have demonstrated they can succeed in our rigorous academic environment.”